Kaimana Lychee, Ordered online, delivered Fresh to your door. 

Lychee are in at Kaye Family Farms! Mother Nature decided it was time for later season in 2019, with fruit ripening up at the very end of May (instead of late Apri). But it’s finally ready! Please click the red Buy Now button at the top of your screen (hiding in the three little menu lines at the top of your cell phone screen!).

Join the Kaye Family Ohana on the Lychee Fan page or sign up for our Lychee News Letter below so we can let you know as soon as we start picking!  When the time comes, your online order of Kaimana lychee will be hand-picked and shipped to your door within days!

We’ve had a lot of inquiries about picking your own lychee this year, and we’re sorry, but we do not do farm visits. All orders are done through this website!

Kaimana Lychee in Hawaii

The 2019 Lychee season is here!

Kaye Family Farm's lychee orchard has matured during two decades of family love and care. As a result, today our orchard produces the best fruits you can find on the Big Island.

Kaye Family Farm

Our family farm is nestled on 28 acres on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island,  Hawaii.   Once a sugar plantation village, then planted in organic ginger, the farm now hosts 50 varieties of tropical fruit, and our 'growing' family.


Our location

Warm, sunny days, and chilly night winds blowing down from Mauna Kea make ideal conditions for lychee growing on the Hamakua Coast. 


Kaye Family Farm is on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii--just around the corner from Akaka Falls.  Our 28 acre farm produces Tahitian limes, oranges, lemons, longan...and everybody’s favorite Kaimana Lychee. Our orchard has grown over the years and is maintained by three generations of family and friends.

Our love of the land is at the heart of our business. We care for and maintain our farm using traditional and current agricultural practices including careful selection of the best stock and varieties for our area, using an integrated pest management approach to keep the farm and surrounding lands healthy, and regulating the nutrients needed to facilitate fruit production.  Our time honored practices and ideal location have provided a consistent and reliable product.