8 lbs. Kaimana Lychee: Ships Friday June 28th, Arrives Saturday. Shipments to Oahu Only.

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8 lbs. Kaimana Lychee: Ships Friday June 28th, Arrives Saturday. Shipments to Oahu Only.



Friday shipments can go to Oahu only!  Scheduled to pick and ship on Friday, 5/31 and arrive the next day.  Shipping to a PO Box or Office building is not recommended for Friday shipments—please be sure you can pick up your lychee on a Saturday!!

ONLY 1 box per customer.  Shipping is included in price. 

Lychee was first introduced to the Hawaiian Islands 100 years ago and has been cultivated in China for nearly 4,000 years. Chill and peel before eating—the fruit inside is a little bit of juicy heaven.

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We want to be sure you get the best lychee in the best condition every single time.  If you have ANY problem with your shipment, we want to make it right.  Please let us know. 

Orders placed after 9 am will be shipped the next available day. On occasion due to crop losses we are unable to fill an order and will send it the next available day, or will provide a refund. 

On pricing: Your order will be shipped in a US Postal Service large flat rate box.  Filling this box with 8 lbs of lychee gets you the best possible rate, matched to the going rate at farmers markets on Oahu.   Direct mail puts more $ per pound in the hands of farmers, not middlemen, and the lychee is always fresh and hassle-free for you! 

Some folks have asked about ag inspection and little fire ants.  Agricultural inspection is not required for cut lychee to move inter-island, but we take biosecurity very seriously!  Our farm is surveyed regularly, and our lychee trees do not have little fire ants.  We carefully clean, sort, and inspect our lychee prior to shipment.  If you find any problems, give us, or the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, a call.